Blog Roll Updates

It has been a while since I last updated my list of recommended links. Today I finally got around to deleting one that hasn’t been updated in a long time and I added two new ones. I try to keep my list short, so if it makes my list you know it’s worth reading! I don’t understand why people would list 50 or 100 sites on their blog…

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The first addition is Matt Hall. Matt writes just about every day and has plenty of good observations to make on life and faith. I look forward to reading his site every day.

The other addition is Why I Am Really Here which is Shane’s blog. I noticed in his short bio that he and I have many similar interests, are about the same age and so on…so we have a lot in common. I try to drop by his site every day.

I removed one link as the author has decided he will not post on a regular basis any longer.