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Friday Frivolity has a link to a video clip from Jay Leno’s show, in which he asks people on the street simple questions about the Bible. The questions are very basic. “God created the world in ______ days.” “Eve was made from a ______.” “Adam and Eve’s children were ______.” And of course, “How many of the ten commandments can you list?”

As one would expect, since it would make for pretty poor television if it were otherwise, the people fail miserably. Very few can name Adam and Eve’s children or tell him where Eve came from.

This all makes for good television. But do you think the men and women of your church would do much better? Would you do better? Biblical literacy is shockingly low. People know the mantra of “I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior” but not so many can tell you much more than that.

Looking to gauge your biblical knowledge? Why not try this Bible, Theology, and Apologetics Assessment Test posted at Dr. Mike’s blog.

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