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Friday Ramblings

It has been a while since I have taken the opportunity to write a post of ramblings. Of course some might argue that all my posts are ramblings, and I could hardly argue against that.

Today is a significant way in the life of the Challies family. You see, five years ago we moved to our current home, which just so happens to be in the wealthiest town in Canada. We moved here to be in close proximity to the office where I worked at that time. Newly married, with an infant, and earning less than $30,000 per year, we knew we would not be able to afford living here, so we decided to take in a boarder. And so Kristin arrived in our lives. For five years she lived with us as she attended the local college. She has been part of my son’s life since he was less than a year old and has been part of my daughter’s life since she was born. We suffered with her through some tough times in her life and celebrated when she became a believer. We watched her profess her faith and be baptized. Today Kristin, having finished her program, moved out. While we have gained a bedroom and a cupboard in the kitchen, we have lost a friend. We’ll miss her. I expect my son to miss her most of all as they were great friends.

Moving on to happier matters, D.A. Carson’s new book, Becoming Conversant with Emergent released yesterday, well ahead of schedule. I am waiting for it to show up on this side of the border. I will be reading and reviewing it as soon as I can get my hands on it. is still projecting a delivery date in early June. Al Mohler has promised a review sometime in the next few days.

I just did a quick count and found I have read 34 books so far this year and have reviewed 33 of them. The other I just finished this morning and will be reviewing, in all likelihood, over the weekend. I have many more than 34 awaiting my attention, so at this rate I could read full-time for about a year and still not run out of material. Every since daylight savings time I have been waking up at about 5 AM, and since I can’t get back to sleep I’ve been dragging myself out of bed and reading. This buys me at least another hour a day! Sooner or later, though, I suspect I’ll get into the law of diminishing returns whereby fatigue becomes a factor and lessens my ability to retain what I read.

I thought I would mention that some exciting things are happening behind-the-scenes at this site and at Diet of Bookworms. I will pass along more information as I am able to.

Anyways, my wife just drove off with a friend. They are heading to Niagara Falls for a weekend women’s conference so I am on my own with the kiddies. I suppose I had best get off the computer and start parenting! My daughter and I are going to head off to the church office and try to fix some broken computers.

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