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Headline: Abortions Put Subsequent Babies At Risk

Every now and then a news story takes me by surprise. This morning the Telegraph has an interesting article about a French study which examined the link between abortions and subsequent premature births. The study found that a woman who has had at least one abortion is forty percent more likely to have an extremely premature baby in subsequent pregnancies than a woman who has never had an abortion. And of course a large percentage of extremely premature babies die in infancy or have serious health problems.

“The study of 2,837 births … found that mothers who had previously had an abortion were 1.7 times more likely to give birth to a baby at less than 28 weeks’ gestation. Many babies born this early die soon after birth, and a large number who survive suffer serious disability.” Obviously having an abortion can irreparably damage the cervix in a way that makes premature births more likely.

That does not suprise me. In fact, I have know that for years.

What did surprise me is that this study was “the first to investigate the link between terminations and extremely premature births.” After decades of widespread abortions, this is the first study to investigate this link! And it is something anti-abortion advocates have been saying for years!

A doctor with a really long title said, “the study revealed that abortion might not be as safe as previously supposed. “This study shows that surgical termination of pregnancies may have late complications and may not be without risk.” And again, those who are opposed to abortion say, “That’s what we’ve been saying for years!” Jack Scarisbrick, the chairman of the campaign group Life, said: “We have been saying for years that surgical abortion inevitably increases the risk of later problems. It seems that the abortion procedure carries with it risks that women will know nothing about until they become pregnant with a ‘wanted’ child later on.”

Precisely. And that is one of the dirty little secrets of abortionists isn’t it? The entire abortion industry is surrounded by a culture of death. Just recently I linked to a story about a woman who went for an abortion and gave birth to a live baby, only to have the people in the clinic ignore her cries for help to come and save her child. The abortion industry continually lowers the value of human life, so it is no great surprise that they would deliberately jeapordize the health of women and the lives of their subsequent children. Do just a little bit of research into abortion clinics and you will find thousands of shocking, awful stories about the lowered value of life.

It strikes me how we allow people to bury their heads in the sand. The doctors who claimed to be surprised by the results of this study already knew they were true. It has been common knowledge for years! Any woman who has been counselled at a right-to-life clinic has been told that. Yet they claim shock and surprise when presented with this scientific study. It is almost as if for a brief moment they were forced to pull their heads out of the sand and face reality. But of course the sad truth is that this study will make no real difference in the methods or quantities of abortions. The heads go back into the sand.

You can read the article here.

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