I Am No Prude…

Now I am no prude and still enjoy wasting a bit of time playing the occasional computer game, but I can’t deny that the genre does attract some disgusting games. The latest in a string of brutal games is Manhunt which has just recently been released across several gaming platforms. The premise of the game is that you have been released from prison by the director of snuff films, the only catch being that you must survive a night of killing people for him. Naturally the game emphasizes bloody and disgusting acts of violence as you kill more and more people.

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One review says “The earlier levels make you rely exclusively on the usage of stealthy tactics and primitive weapons to slaughter your hunters, from pieces of broken glass to plastic bags. Later levels will introduce you to crowbars and baseball bats, and finally, to the big guns. Whether you are sneaking or shooting, Manhunt’s intuitive controls make it a joy to play.” It goes on point out one of the most immersive features in the game – “the height of awesomeness comes when you use the optional headset feature, as you can lure your prey to their crimson-soaked doom using the microphone, as well as hear the Director talking to you through the earpiece. It’s all very immersive, a bit unsettling, and downright fun.” One of the twisted features of the game is that the more style you use to kill a person – the more original the act of murder – the more points you score as it makes for a better snuff film.

Call me old-fashioned, but that is just sick. It is amazing and disheartening to see how people use the power of the computer – a tool that can be used for such good is so often used for such evil.