Interview Questions

Next week I have the opportunity to offer both Chuck Colson and Iain Murray. I’d love to get some feedback from the readers here about what I might want to ask them. Read on…

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In a couple of months I’ll be attending and writing about the Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference this May (it runs from the 27th to the 29th) down in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (can you believe I actually found a direct flight from Toronto to Harrisburg? I wouldn’t have believed it was possible). Though I’ve come to know Steve Burlew quite well (he heads up Banner in North America), I have never attended one of their conferences or visited their headquarters. I am looking forward to getting to know one of the original Reformed ministries! In conjunction with the conference, I’ve been given the opportunity to interview Iain Murray—one of the keynote speakers at that conference. I will be interviewing him next week.

Now Iain Murray is a hero to me. His books have impacted me deeply and have impacted many people I love and respect. I am really looking forward to interviewing him. I have a short list of questions prepared, but would be glad to accept some of yours. If you have something you’d like to ask Iain Murray, let me know and I’ll consider sending it through.

Meanwhile, Chuck Colson is about to embark on a blog tour (sound familiar?) to promote his new book, The Faith (subtitled “What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters”). Because the book was late arriving from the publisher, I haven’t yet had opportunity to read it, and my spot was bumped from day one to day six or seven. I will only be asking him one or two questions, but would like to make them count. I don’t want to toss him a softball, but would like to ask something Interesting and thought-provoking. I’ve got some ideas, but once more would love to receive some ideas. So if something comes to mind, shoot me an email or leave a comment.