Katrina Prayer Request

Don’t forget Alabama.

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The following was sent to me via the Reformed Baptist Distribution List from Lawrence Underwood, pastor of a reforming congregation in Mobile, Alabama:

I’m popping out from the shadows (and from under several fallen trees) to ask you to pray for our area. Obviously
everyone is aware of what is the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans. Many are aware of what happened in Mississippi. As we work to help people recover in Alabama we are finding that it is becoming difficult to get the assistance that we need because we are not a ‘national press area’ as one EMA official put it. Our coastal areas were devastated. Many inland areas were hit very hard as well. In addition we have thousands (some say tens of thousands) of refugees here as well. Food, and fuel are in very short supply. Power is gradually coming back on. Tempers are beginning to flare. Theft is becoming more common. Etc.

Please be in prayer for this area. In the next few days I will be posting information on a couple of Christ centered agencies who we will be working with.