More Katrina Links

I’m not going to talk about politics anymore. One of the primary reasons I shy away from sharing my political views on this site is that fewer issues ignite more passion. Unfortunately, politics seems to ignite anger more than anything. So I try to leave the politics to the big guys. I’ll stick to theology!

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Here are a few Katrina links I’ve dug up (including some I posted yesterday):

A satellite photograph of Katrina taken as it hit the coast. Take a look and be amazed at the power of God.

Eddie Exposito, co-pastor of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell, has begun a blog to tell of his experiences. You can catch up with him here. James White has begun collecting money for Eddie and his family.

Batch Batchelder has posted some amazing photographs of his church. You can see them here.

Laura, who is with Eddie Exposito, is sharing her experiences.

The US government has posted satellite photos of much of the area destroyed by the hurricane. Individuals may be able to find their own homes in these photos.

Don Elbourne, pastor of a church in New Orleans, has updated his blog. He and his family are safe, but probably homeless. You can donate money to help the Elbourne family.