I know some people have wondered why I’ve had nothing to say about Hurricane Katrina. Fact is that I simply don’t know what to say. I’ve spent hours and hours watching CNN just trying to make sense of it all. It is just an incredible catastrophe that seems so out-of-place here in the industrialized world. Isn’t this sort of thing supposed to happen in parts of the world most of us will never see?

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Here are a few interesting Katrina-related links:

A satellite photograph of Katrina taken as it hit the coast. Take a look and be amazed at the power of God.

Eddie Exposito, co-pastor of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell, has begun a blog to tell of his experiences. You can catch up with him here. James White has begun collecting money for Eddie and his family.

Don Elbourne, pastor of a church in New Orleans, has updated his blog. He and his family are safe, but probably homeless. You can donate money to help the Elbourne family.

Even if you cannot help these families financially, please remember them in your prayers as they face months or even years of trying to rebuild their lives.