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Pope Rick I

Thanks to Joel for pointing out a great article written by The Internet Monk. He writes about Rick Warren, calling him Pope Rick I, and his almost unbelievable statement that we should “never criticize what God is blessing.” If you hang around my site at all you’ll know that phrase has caused me more than a few moments of disbelief and has given me plenty to write about. Internet Monk is similarly unimpressed.

Pope Rick is hailed as the Southern Baptist icon of the new millennium. From his pontifical chair, he assures us that God told him, God led him, God blessed him, so buy the book, the CD, the tape, the video and get the live feed. Don’t wait for your turn to talk. It’s not coming. Not from Pope Rick. Not from his underlings. Not from his denominational promoters. Not from the people making millions off Purpose-Driven products. You’re supposed to sit quietly and nod on cue. It’s so wonderful. Feel the love. Take the pill. Be assimilated. Accept the chip in your…..wait a minute. This is getting out of hand!

You can read his article here.

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