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Public Service Announcements

I’ve got a few public service announcements to share today. You can be sure that they are all of the utmost importance.

First, I wanted to remind you about the Diet of Bookworms. This is a site (Update: the site is no longer active as a book review site) I created that collects links to book reviews written by discerning reviewers. My vision for the site is that this can be a place for Christians to research books to determine what others are saying about them. So far the reaction from readers, authors and publishers has been very encouraging. While the site is (in all likelihood) going to undergo a bit of a revision in the coming days (in both style and function), the content that is there is updated and helpful. You can check it out at Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, and so on.

Next, I wanted to remind people that I do web design for a living and am always looking for my next project. I have found that this business rarely lends me the luxury of planning far ahead, so I do not sweat it when I have little work in the coming weeks. However, it is also wise to plan ahead, at least a little. So if you have any web design needs – a business site, a blog redesign, a church site, etc, I’d love to help you out. You can check out my previous work at

Third, a few weeks ago I offered a special on web hosting. The offer still stands. If you sign up through my affiliate program, I will send you a $20 Amazon gift certificate, and will also help you get setup in your new hosting by installing Movabletype or WordPress (if you are going to be using it for blogging). You can read all the details here. I had many people take me up on the offer, and I do believe they are uniformly satisfied with it.

And finally, I will be launching a new giveaway next week. This one is going to be all DVDs, I believe, so it should be a good one. Check in on Monday afternoon for the details.

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