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Saturday Ramblings

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Ramblings, the weekly article where I attempt to make you believe I have something to say when really I’ve got nothing. I had all sorts of great ideas of what I was going to write today, but then I realized it’s the first day of the Olympics and it would be fun to sit with my wife and watch Canadians lose at all sorts of events, so that is what we’ve done thus far. Swimming, volleyball, gymnastics – we can lose as well as any country in the world!

Last week I mentioned that Dead Man Blogging could be a top blog if only he would update more. Well, he read what I wrote, apologized and in short order cranked out three great articles this week. I nearly collapsed laughing when I read his suggested title for Gary Ezzo’s book – “How To Alienate and Physically and Emotionally Starve Your Child God’s Way.” If you have a few minutes, you should take the time to read this rather lengthy article that deals with theology and postmoderism’s impact on it. He also takes a brave stand on day care that probably isn’t going to win him too many friends! Good work, I say!

So I wonder what other sites I can criticize into producing great articles like those. Maybe I’ll turn on Jeri soon and tell her she needs to commit to daily postings. Or maybe twice-daily!

For some reason there has been boatloads of traffic coming into my site this week. I have no idea why the sudden increase, but traffic is up about 50% from the average. I did notice that a Mormon blogger linked my article about the word of the use “amen.” I must be saying something wrong if Mormon writers can agree with me!

Jollyblogger wrote a good little article about John Eldredge, one of everyone’s favorite heretics. His main criticism of Eldredge is that he understands life from the perspective of the adventure/battle/rescue paradigm. While the paradigm may be true in certain circumstances, dictating all of life from it is not Biblical.

This site linked me yesterday and I’d love to know what it’s all about. Does anyone speak Arabic (which I believe is the language it’s written in)?

I guess I’m going to head back upstairs to watch more Olympic coverage. No sense trying to get anything accomplished today. Enjoy your weekend!

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