The Funding Behind The Evangelical Climate Initiative

My friend Justin Taylor sent me an article this morning discussing the Evangelical Climate Initiative. Concerned Women for America has done the legwork and found something quite surprising and disturbing. “A new effort to mobilize evangelical Christians on the problem of global warming received $475,000 from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, one of the top funders of abortion programs in the United States and abroad.”

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Sure enough, a couple of Google searches turn up evidence that the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has given significant amounts of funding to organizations that stand opposed to Christian values. Among them are:

  • Activities of the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, the most dominant pro-abortion organization, and its subsidiaries in Latin America, where it promotes the �legalization� of abortion, the morning-after pill, and �sexual and reproductive health and rights issues,� which stands for graphic sex education, abortion, sterilization, and the mainstreaming of homosexuality.
  • More than $2 million in the last three years for the Center for Reproductive Rights, a legal advocacy organization that works through courts to impose abortion on demand.
  • A $1 million grant for Planned Parenthood to provide its services, including abortion and the morning-after pill, to those hit by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Gifts totaling $739,000 in 2001-2003 to the National Abortion Federation, the �professional association� for abortionists.
  • The Abortion Care Project, to train abortionists in Vietnam.
  • The Abortion Access Project, which works through medical students and trains medical professionals in the United States in �abortion care.�
  • The University of California, San Francisco�s Center for Reproductive Health Research and Policy, which attempts to counter the stigma attached to abortion and the lack of medical professionals willing to do abortions through studies, papers, and advocacy.

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America says �Hewlett Foundation is one of the most prodigious and unabashed funders of abortion causes, with much money going to make abortion acceptable. Its significant grant for this initiative, along with the controversial Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, reveals where this effort could lead. They would not fund something that contradicts their main missions.�

She seems to hit the nail on the head when she says, �The radical environmental, pro-abortion lobby has learned to adopt language to win over unsuspecting, well-intentioned people. I am sure that most of the evangelical leaders who signed on have no idea of the history and missions of the groups that have made this initiative possible with their financial backing,� said Wright.

This has become something of a theme lately in the evangelical world. Evangelicals are being drafted into service by organizations that are seeking ends diametrically opposed to Scripture. It seems that, in many cases, Evangelicals are allowing themselves to be used. Even when the end result is admirable, Christians are still culpable before God for the means they use to get there!