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This special Free Stuff Monday is more than a contest. Core Christianity is giving away a free copy of their Gospel of John Bible study while supplies last. The Gospel of John is often recommended as the best place to start for a new believer, and yet its rich truths can’t be exhausted, even by someone who’s been walking with Jesus for decades. Exploring key biblical themes such as salvation, sanctification, and especially the deity, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Gospel of John Bible study is a great resource for a variety of settings, including personal devotions, Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, and informal gatherings.

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Core Christianity exists to help people understand the core truths of the Christian faith through their daily radio program, web articles, and free resources. Core Bible studies further the mission by helping people to mature in their knowledge and love for God and his word. The studies are designed to speak to honest questions, addressing the concerns of committed Christians, skeptics, and everyone in between. Core Christianity’s resources help promote healthy discipleship in churches, as they show how doctrine naturally arises out of the Bible’s narrative of Jesus and his saving work.

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