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Free Stuff Fridays

This week’s Free Stuff Fridays is sponsored by Ligonier Ministries who also sponsored the blog this week. Ligonier is offering 5 prizes, each of them an annual subscription to Tabletalk magazine.

Tabletalk is a monthly discipleship magazine written by today’s leading theologians and pastors to help Christians grow in the knowledge of God. An annual print subscription features 12 issues and includes a companion digital edition available on most tablet devices. Daily devotionals make up over half of the content and typically exposit a book of the Bible or a specific topic over the course of the year. A third of the content is themed, dealing with a particular issue, and the rest consists of featured columns addressing a variety of issues ranging from theology to Christian living.

For a limited time, Ligonier is also offering all readers a no-risk 3-month trial to Tabletalk that includes a CD set, The Dark Side of Islam. This teaching series from Dr. R.C. Sproul and Abdul Saleeb seeks to expose the true teachings of Islam and explain why fundamentalist Muslims are so aggressive in their attempt to wipe out all other religions. It will also serve as a helpful resource for those witnessing to Muslims in their own communities.


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  • A La Carte Thursday 1

    A La Carte (July 25)

    A La Carte: What does it mean to die with dignity? / Did Paul endorse slavery? / Forgiveness in marriage / 5 ways to pursue contentment / The immense value of encouragement / and more.

  • Maybe We Make Meditation Too Difficult

    Maybe We Make Meditation Too Difficult

    Of all the Christian disciplines, it is my guess that meditation may be the least practiced—though I suppose fasting might have something to say about that. Most people diligently make time to read the Bible and pray. And yet, while most people have good intentions when it comes to meditation, it so often seems to…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (July 24)

    A La Carte: A mother to me, too / Never look your age? / Nine reminders for the struggle with body image / A ruler who trusts in Yahweh / No, I will not stop calling the church a family / Criminalizing sexual ethics / Bible journal sale / Kindle deals / and more.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (July 23)

    A La Carte: Connection and commitment / When your mind gets stuck / Prayer postures in the Bible / Fading with age / Does God care about how I work? / 7 essential things to know about God’s holiness / and more.

  • Evangelize 2024: Growing a Church That Proclaims The Gospel

    This week the blog is sponsored by Matthias Media. Does your evangelistic passion match the New Testament call to proclaim Christ’s name to all people? God calls on us to partner with him in “hastening the coming of the day of God” (2 Pet 3:12) by laboring to make people ready for that day, having…