Free Stuff Fridays

Free Stuff Fridays
This week’s Free Stuff Fridays is sponsored by Reformed Fellowship. Reformed Fellowship, Inc., is a group of believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to promoting the historic Christian faith as it is expressed in the Reformed confessions. We subscribe to the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confessions, the Canons of Dort, and the Westminster Confessions. We publishing books and Bible study guides, as well as a bi-monthly journal, The Outlook. For a limited time, an e-version of The Outlook is available free of charge. We also have curriculum materials for catechism instruction, including the new Life in Christ series for grades 5 through 8. You can visit their website at to learn more.

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Reformed Fellowship, Inc. is offering five prizes, each of which will contain a copy of the following two books:

  • Meeting Jesus at the Feast: Israel’s Festival and the Gospel by John R. Sittema 
  • But for the Grace of God: An Exposition of the Canons of Dort by Cornelis P. Venema

Meeting Jesus at the FeastHere is a word about Meeting Jesus at the Feast:

This book aims to tell you more about Jesus. Much more. By unpacking and explaining the ancient feasts, it aims to give modern people a fuller vision of the good news of God, reveal just what it means that Jesus is the Messiah, and explain how and why his coming changed the world.

For the feasts, commissioned twelve hundred years before Jesus came, were celebrations about him. First, they anticipated his coming. Then they defined his life and ministry. In fact, you cannot really comprehend what it means that Jesus is Messiah without knowing something about the feasts. All the significant moments in his ministry (both his earthly ministry and his ministry from heaven’s throne after the ascension) were divinely structured around them.

You can learn more about But for the Grace of God right here.

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