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This week the blog has been sponsored by Baker Books. And today they are giving away several great book bundles!

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The typical pastor has, at most, one course on counseling, and usually it’s a course on individual counseling. Most pastors have never had a single course on how to do marriage and family counseling. Yet these pastors increasingly face more difficult and more complex marriage and family situations. Thankfully, Bob Kellemen PhD, has crafted two equipping books as training manuals to increase a pastor’s level of confidence in their competence in Christ to help the couples and families in their churches.

Gospel-Centered Marriage Counseling and Gospel-Centered Family Counseling provide over 250 skill-building exercises and seek to enable pastors and biblical counselors to competently and compassionately relate God’s Word to specific situations in family counseling sessions.

Today, we’re excited to give away a special book bundle of Dr. Kellemen’s new releases to three people. Enter below!

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