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This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by P&R Publishing. They are offering Divine Providence to 10 winners.

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Rigorous, practical, and deeply reverent, Divine Providence speaks to the struggles of believers today as it tackles difficult questions with biblical truth:

  • Does God govern the world—and how?
  • Is God the author of sin?
  • Why do good people suffer while bad people thrive?
  • What does God’s providence mean for how we should live our lives?

In a masterful discourse, Puritan theologian Stephen Charnock arms us to trust in the One who works all things for his glory and the good of the church.

This beautifully produced new edition, rendered in modern English, introduces contemporary Christians to one of the greatest Puritan thinkers and the beauty of divine providence—the comforting truth that “God is righteous, wise, and good, and nothing takes place that is not in his will.”

Editor Carolyn Whiting has broken Charnock’s work into chapters with headings. Bound in red linen with gold foil, this giftable volume includes study questions for discussion, explanatory notes and translations, a paper bookmark, and a foreword from Whiting’s pastor, Derek Thomas.

“Carolyn Whiting has updated the quaint prose of Charnock’s early modern English to communicate more easily with today’s reader, but the thoughts remain deep, brilliant, and timeless. Formatted in short chapters with study questions, this edition will prove very useful for personal study and small groups.”

Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


Sample: Trust Providence in the Most Difficult Times

“God delights to woo us to himself, in both our affections and our admirations of him, and to store up in us a treasure of experiences that encourage us to trust him when we are in desperate straits. Therefore, we should rest in God when we are alone and deserted or among crowds; we should have as much faith when we face an angry aggressor as we do when we are among our best friends; and in the midst of extreme difficulties we should always be ready to answer with the same answer Abraham gave to Isaac: ‘God will provide’ (Gen. 22:8).”

For we deal with a God who is not bound by any means, who spares no expense in miraculous succors, who delights to perfect his strength in the creature’s weakness (2 Cor. 12:9). We deal with a God who alone knows what may further our good and accordingly orders it; that which may hinder it, he prevents. He arranges all causes in such a way that they conspire together as links in one chain to bring about success. He makes even the opposing motions converge into one gracious end, as rivers that run from north and south in opposite quarters of the world come together in the surges of one sea. Though providences may seem to cross one another, they shall never cross God’s Word and promise, which he has magnified above all his names. And his providence is but a servant to his truth.”

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