Friday Frivolity

Today I would like to regale you with a story about my daughter. It is a true story, of course, and seems just frivolous enough to post on a Friday.

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One day a couple of weeks ago when we were on vacation it was nearly dinner time and my daughter really wanted a popsicle. My wife told her that it was too close to dinner time and that she would have to wait until after we had eaten. But then my daughter pulled the trump card. “But Anna has one!” (Anna being my niece). Aileen, always the peacemaker, replied “Well, we are on vacation, so I guess you can be naughty.” Quick as a flash my daughter reached out and smacked Aileen. Aileen reacted in surprise. “What was that for!?” she shouted. My daughter, looking sad and confused said, “But you said I could be naughty!”

I guess the moral of the story is that children take words very literally. We could also extend the moral of the story to show the deep-rooted human hatred of authority. We probably should have punished my daughter, but as it happened we were laughing far too hard to do much of anything.

End of story. You may now resume your normal Friday activity.

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Finally, I will probably be updating the blog to Movabletype 3.2 over the weekend, so if you experience some problems, ignore them and they will probably go away soon enough.