Let’s Ask John MacArthur Some Hard Questions

John MacArthur Strange FireJohn MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference has come and gone and the book will be shipping in just a couple of weeks. Whatever you felt about the conference, there is little doubt that a lot of work and a lot of discussion remain as we, the church, consider the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the aftermath of the event, and with the book on its way, I know a lot of you have questions you would like to ask Dr. MacArthur. These may be tough questions. They may be critical questions.

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I have asked, and he is eager to answer your questions.

So if there is something you would like to ask John MacArthur about the Strange Fire conference or book, if you have a question, and perhaps especially if you have a tough question, please leave a comment below. I will collect some of them and send them through so he can provide an answer (which will appear here in a week or two).

I would ask only that you pause for at least one moment before you hit the “Post” button. In that moment, consider your tone and perhaps whisper a quick prayer for wisdom. In that regard it might be helpful to imagine that Dr. MacArthur is sitting across a table from you, willing to hear your concern. And then ask that question, even if it is a tough one.

Ask QuestionsNote: Below each comment you will see “vote up” and “vote down” buttons represented by an up arrow and down arrow. Feel free to make use of those buttons to help elevate another person’s question (though there’s no guarantee I will send through those questions…).