Expositors’ Conference (III)

In this session MacArthur continued where he left off as time ran out in the last one. As he discusses the value of expository preaching he is, in a sense, preaching to the choir (which is not to say there is anything wrong with that!). The crowd here has assembled to hear exactly this kind of information and receives it eagerly. Being a southern crowd, the sermons or addresses are punctuated by cries of “Amen!” and “Preach it!” and “Yes!” This is something we don’t hear much of in Canada. I suppose there are some who may find it an annoyance, but I love it. And I have to think it’s an encouragement to the man in the pulpit.

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So here we continue with problems with failing to preach expositionally.

A failure to do expository preaching…

8. Depreciates by example the spiritual duty of personal Bible study.

9. Prevents the preacher from being the voice of God to every issue of his time.

10. Breeds a congregation that is weak and indifferent to the glory of God and Christ.

11. Robs people of their only true source of help, the Scripture.

12. Produces an attitude of indifference toward divine authority.

13. Lies to people about what they really need.

14. Strips the pulpit of power.

15. Assumes the preacher can change people by his own ability.

16. Reduces the preacher’s words to the level of everyone else’s words.

17. Portrays an attitude of self-love rather than loving God with all your heart, mind and soul.

18. Creates a destructive disconnect between doctrine and life.

19. Denigrates the full glory of God by omitting the attributes and the aspects of His revelation that are somehow unpalatable.

20. Reduces the preacher to the level of every rival preacher.

21. Emasculates the dominion of the pulpit over people’s minds and souls.

22. Disconnects people from the legacy of the past.

23. Removes protection from error and carnality so dangerous to the church.

24. Abandons the duty to guard the truth.

25. Fails to defend threatened truths.

26. Denies de facto that all spiritual blessings flow from one’s relationship with the Lord.

27. Generates selfish, shallow prayer.

28. Fails to leads people to self-denial–to true humility.

29. Cheats people of the means to truly delight in the Lord.

30. Lacks the general manliness of message and ministry.

Once again, if you wish to hear the brief explanations of each of these points, you’ll need to download the audio. Later this afternoon there will be a Q&A and that will be followed by two more addresses by Steve Lawson.

Here’s a winning quote from MacArthur when he was discussing a recent appearance on CNN’s Headline News. They said to him “Will you come on the show and talk about yoga?” He said, “Of course! I don’t care what the subject is. I know what I want to say. I know where I’m going with it.” And those who have seen him on Larry King or any other show know that he always gets there.

Incidentally, MacArthur often mentioned the Emerging Church in this talk. At one point he revealed that he has begun work on a new book that will serve as a follow-up to The Truth War. Since the publication of that book people have said that the book was unloving and that he should not write such books but instead just join in the conversation. So he has decided to write a book that answers the simple question, How did Jesus deal with those who misrepresented the truth? Did Jesus tend towards conversation or condemnation? Those who have studied the gospels will know…