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Shepherd’s Conference (XI)

This evening marked the final session of the 2007 Shepherds’ Conference. It occurred to me quite suddenly this afternoon that I had been misplacing an apostrophe the entire time. The apostrophe in “Shepherds’” should be going after the “s” and not before. I’ll try to do better if and when they ask me to return next year.

Not too long before this evening’s session began, I started to feel a little bit queasy. I’m not quite sure what was going on, but I deemed it a bad idea to take my usual place at the very front of the auditorium. It just seemed that this would be asking for trouble should I have to beat a hasty retreat. I holed up somewhere less conspicuous and was really a little bit glad to hear MacArthur begin a sermon I’ve heard before. So I closed my laptop and closed my eyes for a few minutes and soon began to feel a little bit better. While the sermon differed in some details, it was much the same as the one he preached just a couple of weeks ago at Resolved. So if you’d like to learn about the content, I’ll simply direct you here.

And that was that. The conference is over. Where last year it extended until Saturday morning, this year it ends tonight. Tomorrow Paul and I will find something to do in the city for the morning and by 3 PM should (Lord willing) be making our way back to the Great White North.

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