Best New Testament Commentaries: A Logos Collection

If you have been reading this site for a while, you probably remember the Best Commentaries series I prepared a couple of years ago. The basic premise of the series was that, because I am unqualified to determine which commentaries are best, I would turn to experts to find their recommendations. I did that and proceeded through the Bible, suggesting the five best commentaries for each book. All the while I depended on the prior work of theologians such as D.A. Carson, Tremper Longman, Keith Mathison, and Derek Thomas.

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Logos users may be interested to know that I have now teamed up with Logos to prepare what I hope will be the first of several resources collections. In this first collection we have assembled 21 commentaries that will ensure you have at least one excellent commentary on each book of the New Testament. In most cases the commentary is the top choice of the expert theologians. The collection represents some of the best scholarship across key sets including New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT), Pillar (PNTC), New American Commentaries (NAC), International Critical Commentaries (ICC), and New International Greek Testament Commentaries (NIGTC). The collection also contains the ESV and the Greek New Testament: SBL Edition (SBL) so that you can immediately start studying the Bible alongside some of the most renowned evangelical scholars.

The bundle price is $399 which represents a 60% discount off the normal Logos price if you were to buy the 21 volumes individually. If you were to buy them all in print, you would be looking at something near $1200. Dynamic pricing applies, which means you will pay only for the commentaries you do not already own.

You can learn more, examine the individual volumes, and purchase the collection right here.

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