Lord from Sorrows Deep I Call (Free Downloads)

Hymn Sunday is a collaboration with Getty Music, and in this post Matt Papa tells about his new adaptation of Psalm 42, “Lord from Sorrows Deep I Call.” You’ll also find a video along with downloadable MP3 and sheet music.

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This song began as a melody that was filled with sorrow, hope, and longing.  After Matt and I completed a couple different versions of the lyric, we finally landed on the title “Lord from Sorrows Deep I Call” and it seemed to both capture the ache of the tune and also the reality of the human condition. As we look to Psalm 42, and the psalms at large, we see there things that are sadly so rare in our corporate worship gatherings—confessions of despair, fear, and anger. As Christians we know that God who sees us is great enough to handle our hearts, and offers us hope if we trust Him, which is the direction of the song: “O my soul – put your Hope in God.”