The Best of November

I’ve been at this blogging thing for ten years now and have been at the daily blogging thing for almost as long. This means that I’ve got an extensive backlist of articles from years gone by. I thought it might be fun to pull out some of the articles I wrote in previous months of October, stretching all the way back to 2003.

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Christians and Alcohol – Because discussing alcohol never generates any controversy or strong opinions, right?

Three-part series, Finding Joy, Finding Hope, I Can Only Imagine, and The Crushing Weight of Glory


This Is Your Moment! – I felt that this was an important word about being slow to interpret providence.

7 Weird Things I’ve Written – I’ve written a few weird things over the years. Seven, at least.


The Late Merger and its follow-up, The Right Way to Merge – I still remember getting an email from someone lambasting me for wasting his time with the first of these posts.

The Ultimate Christian Novel – Still a favorite, despite a couple of incorrect facts about the Amish (and probably about vampires as well).


Darwin on the Right – I was taking issue with Darwinism. Again.

Overlooking an Offense – How do you determine when to pursue someone who has sinned against you and when do you choose to overlook their offense?


It Was My Sin That Held Him There – A reflection on the cross.

Blood on the Book – I’ve always loved this metaphor.


Poetry – I have a recurring love for poetry, but I’m a terrible poet.

Plagiarism in the Pulpit – Here is an issue that just doesn’t go away.


A Theology of Profanity – I think I’ve written about this a few times. This was my first go at it.

Miracles and the Peculiarities of Human Psychology – Here are some reflections on the psychology of miracles.


Decisional Regeneration – This hardly seems like an original thought, but it was important to me back then.

The Listener’s Responsibility – The same is true of this–not exactly original, but still an important part of my personal development.


The Myth of Mother Teresa – Where it all began.