Are You a Friend of the Blog?

Are you a Friend of the Blog? It has been a few months now since I rolled out the program and to this point I’m very happy with the results; I’ve been blessed by the many of you who have chosen to support my web site in this way. And I hear from more and more of you that you’re pleased with the results of your membership.

Become a Patron

To those who are not aware of how the program works, let me give you a quick overview. When you become a Friend of the Blog, you receive a list of great benefits. Among these are:

  • A $10 gift certificate from Westminster Books
  • You choose 4 new books or DVDs from Zondervan (including Tim Keller’s new DVD Gospel in Life)
  • A subscription to Christianity Today
  • 1 book from Reformation Heritage Books
  • Album downloads from bands and artists you like (there are eight there now and more to come)
  • Deals and savings from other stores
  • You support this web site
  • More to come…

This comes to at least $160 in value and there are more things to come that will make it better value still. This is a year-long effort and more will be added over the course of the year. When you sign up, you get everything there plus whatever else comes in over the year. And through it all you’ll be supporting

If you’re really a book addict, you may want to become an Affiliate and refer friends, earning $5 in Westminster Books credit with each person you refer. Already lots of people have earned some good credit from Westminster.

The cost to become a friend is just $39 for the year. Do the math and I think you’ll find that it’s more than fair value.

You can get all the details at Friends of the Blog. Check it out and join in the fun!

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