New: Challies Daily Podcast (Audio Blog)

Through the years I’ve been asked a number of times if I’d consider releasing the content of this blog in audio format. I’ve thought about it often, but have never quite been able to make the pieces come together. That was the case, at least, until recently. I think I’ve now got a structure in place that can actually work. So today I present the Challies Daily Podcast through which you’ll be able to listen to the content of this blog. There are some caveats: The “daily” is the aspiration, but for now it’s going to be three times weekly. Also, there will be a delay of about a week between the written blog and the audio version to allow time for recording, producing, and so on.

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This is a short-form podcast that should vary between two and ten minutes per day. The format is dead simple: I’ll introduce the episode, read a very short message from a sponsor, then share an article. I will include as much of my newer content as possible while also reaching back into the archives for some popular pieces. I’ve really geared it toward people who enjoy encountering new ideas but who don’t have the time, opportunity, or inclination to read.

I am beginning this Challies Daily Podcast on a trial basis with the hope it will prove helpful and popular enough to be worth continuing. If you are interested in keeping up with it, your best bet is to subscribe via your favorite podcasting software. It should appear in the iTunes directory sometime today. (Also, look for The Art of Godliness, my longer-form podcast, to return soon.)

You can find more information here: