Criswell College is Now Online!

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100 Percent Online Degree
We live in a digital world where online resources are endless. Whether we want the latest news, immediate commentary, unique humor, shopping, our favorite television shows, or a million other things, the Internet provides a one-stop shop.

Unfortunately, superb online Christian college or seminary education is not as easy to find.

For over 40 years, Criswell College has provided Christ-centered education to pastors, deacons, missionaries, professors, seminary presidents, entrepreneurs, artists, school teachers, stay-at-home moms, and everyone in between! We thrive on developing Christian leaders for all walks of life, and we want to provide you with even easier access to our outstanding curriculum.

Allow us to introduce to you our new fully online Master of Arts in Christian Studies! This 36-hour degree is designed for:

  • Pastors and deacons desiring to strengthen their foundation for ministry
  • Christians in the secular workplace looking to build evangelistic skills
  • Students who want to pursue further biblical education
  • Anyone else seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Word!

Our courses will prepare you for the Great Commission work to which you have been called, will encourage your academic and spiritual growth, and will treat Scripture with the highest regard as you learn more about God’s Word. Join us in God’s mission!

To view a detailed degree plan and to apply, click HERE.