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For The Church, With The Church

Timothy Track

This sponsored post was provided by Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

It’s a common dilemma for every young student considering residential seminary education. You know God has called you to vocational ministry, and you’ve been eager to begin putting some mileage into answering that call for a while. After 4 years of college studies, though, you’re reluctant to further delay getting in-the-field ministry experience for another few years of ministry study.

Unable to disrupt or delay local ministry commitments, this is why more and more students opt for pursuing their seminary degree online. But there’s nothing quite like the experience of on-campus seminary training—the community, the camaraderie, and the concentration can all shape you in ways distance education cannot. So what if putting off local church ministry experience was no longer necessary?

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is pleased to introduce The Timothy Track, your seminary on-ramp to real church ministry experience. The Timothy Track offers select residential M.Div students in-the-field ministry training through placement in internship programs with Kansas City-area churches. In addition to their regular studies, students in the Timothy Track will spend their first two semesters serving with one of Midwestern’s partner churches.

The benefits are many, for both you and the local church. For instance:

Students receive:

  • 50% tuition scholarship for their first year of studies!
  • Direct mentorship from healthy church pastors
  • Hands-on ministry experience concurrent to your degree program
  • Significant additional academic credit (up to 12 hours)

Churches receive:

  • The opportunity to invest in the next generation of church leadership
  • The energetic service of young ministry-minded leaders
  • A strategic partnership with Midwestern to strengthen the KC Metro

You don’t have to trade in a vibrant campus life for vital local church ministry. And Kansas City, which is home to 1.5 million unchurched people speaking over 100 languages, is a place that desperately needs the gospel. The Kansas City metro area gives students the incredible opportunity to help the local church reach the Midwest while being trained in a challenging ministry context that will prepare them for future ministry, wherever God leads them.

At Midwestern, we are pursuing our vision to be For The Church by creating as many opportunities as possible to serve with the Church. Find out if the Timothy Track M.Div program is for you by visiting

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