Knowing God: Discipleship

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To be a disciple means to be a learner and a follower. As people learn the gospel and follow Christ, they become disciples of Jesus. This is the calling of the church—to go and make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20).

From the beginning, the G3 Conference has existed for the purpose of encouraging pastors and helping the local church. That same vision remains at the forefront of what we do each January as we assemble for a weekend of preaching, singing, studying, and fellowshipping under the banner of the gospel.

This coming January, the focus of the G3 Conference will be centered on discipleship (English and Spanish tracks available). The theme is: Knowing God — A Biblical Understanding of Discipleship. Discipleship is not one of the things that the church does—it’s what the church does.

Unfortunately, many churches in the evangelical world today have fallen into two very troublesome ditches. The first ditch is called traditionalism and it keeps a church in constant decline because the vision is focused on historical traditions rather than God’s Word. The second ditch is pragmatism and it keeps a church “growing” through additives to God’s Word as opposed to sola Scriptura.

Take time to ask yourself some vitally important questions such as:

  1. When was the last time you examined your church’s order of worship and asked why your church functions in the way that it does each week?
  2. What role does the preaching of God’s Word play in the work of discipleship?
  3. How important is singing as an assembled church in the process of developing disciples of Jesus?
  4. Is it possible to be a healthy disciple while maintaining a cold and distant heart from the local church?
  5. Should the majority of your discipleship come from an electronic device rather than a community in a local church?
  6. If apologetics is so vitally important for defending the faith, how do you teach and train the church for this task?
  7. What about children in the church and how should parenting be viewed as a means of discipleship?

Faithful discipleship does not happen by accident. Each Christian and each individual church must cultivate a culture of discipleship in order to see lasting fruit year-by-year. Discipleship is not the work of professionals. It’s not exclusively the work of pastors. It’s the work of the local church.

As always, we will enjoy a rich time of worship in song, powerful preaching, prayer, and profitable fellowship that truly makes the G3 Conference unique (view some testimonies on our YouTube channel).

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  • Theme: Knowing God: A Biblical Understanding of Discipleship.
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia (accessible by sky train from the Atlanta airport).
  • Dates: January 17 (Spanish day) | January 18-20 (English).
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