Major in the Bible

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It is common these days to see Christian colleges and universities require fewer Bible and theology courses. But whether a student is called to ministry in the local church or the marketplace, they will encounter more challenges than ever from increasingly secular culture. To handle these challenges, they won’t need less theology — they’ll need more. That’s why every major at Boyce College includes a theological core featuring courses in biblical studies, church history, and systematic theology — all designed to ground you in the truth that endures.

My son is currently studying at Boyce College, and it has been a great experience for our whole family. The students are serious about growing in godly character and are driven to live out their faith even at a young age. If you’re interested in learning more about Boyce, they have a Preview Day coming up on October 11. Our family attended two years ago (and again last year) and loved the event. Visit and see for yourself.