May the Peoples Praise You

Hymn Sunday is a collaboration with Getty Music. You will find a video along with downloadable sheet music.

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“Inspired by Psalm 67, this hymn is a call to worship and mission. Desiring to make significant space for congregations to sing in harmony, we added an acapella section at the end – we are so excited about that!”

– Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, David Zimmer, Stuart Townend, and Ed Cash

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.” (Psalm 24:1, NIV).

He has made us stewards not owners, investors and not hoarders of things that all belong to Him. And not just in the area of money but the hospitality our home can provide, our children as we learn to entrust them to Him as they’re growing up and as we release them onto their life path, our abilities, and energy as we figure out how best to spend ourselves for His kingdom. Each of us has the privilege of regularly checking up on all these “investments” to measure the wisdom and value and effectiveness of them.

This is hard to do without a prayerful and singing life that reorganizes our priorities and church community where we share ideas and spur one another on. It is particularly hard if we haven’t settled in our hearts who it is we are serving first.

Recently I heard a sermon that included a little story found in 1 Kings 1 where David’s son Adonijah had falsely assumed the throne and gathered his supporters around him. Meanwhile, David gave Solomon his blessing and crowned him King. When the noise of the party thrown for King Solomon reached the ears of Adonijah his followers were struck with the devastating blow that they had followed the wrong King. What a tragic thing it would be to get to the end of our lives and realize we had invested all we had in the wrong “king” and in the crumbling kingdoms of this world.

The feast of grace given to those who trust in Christ overflows into a generosity of spirit in every part of life. The goal of our generosity is honor and love and loyalty to the one true King and to see all peoples know this same joy!

Everything is His including all our praise!