Neuroscience, Semiotics, and the Tower of Babel

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When we discuss the general revelation of God in creation, it is impossible for me to get very far before I am floored by the wonder and complexity of the human body. As God’s intended image bearers, we know that humanity holds a special place in the created order, and there are many theological directions we could go with a discussion like that.

Today what I want to talk about is the brain.

It is astounding what God has allowed us to observe regarding the brain. It is said your brain has approximately 140–150 billion individual neurons. Each is connected to between 1,000 and 10,000 other neurons at locations called synapses (Sawyer, 2012). Go ask Amazon Alexa how many synapses that comes to, and I bet she says a lot.

There has been much published recently about developments in neural imaging. There has also been a good amount of work done around neural networks and artificial intelligence. As with most empirical efforts, the advances seem to get overblown and instead of driving us to a place of humility, they do the opposite.

The unregenerate heart allows every new scrap of knowledge to inflate human pride to untested limits.

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