20 Hymns To Sing With Your Family This Summer

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Many of us have fond memories of being a kid in the summer. Long family road trips, sunny pool days, ice-cream cones, and not having to worry about school for a while. These memories often have a soundtrack, a “song of the summer” that we picked up from our family or friends. Maybe you can hear the melody now: your dad’s favorite song he played in the car; the one your sibling wouldn’t stop shouting; or the tune your mom would find herself singing on a July afternoon. Perhaps you remember your parents’ or grandparents’ favorite hymns. Maybe these songs resonate deeper for you in church services or act as anchors for you in difficult moments, all because you connect them with their faith.

The songs we hear and sing as children have a way of sticking with us. These songs, reverberating in our ears for years and even decades, can remind us of times gone by, reinforce foundational truths, and even influence the way we see the world. Lyrics shape us. Music influences us. Songs help make us who we are.

It’s important to recognize that this same thing is happening in the lives of our children now. They are attaching music to moments and people this summer, making connections that may last a lifetime. That is a lot of responsibility for parents, Sunday school teachers, and choir directors as we pick the songs our children sing. Imagine if these summer memories could be attached to timeless hymns – directing the gaze of our children to the Lord and generations of believers before them.

This summer, you can give your children the gift of hymns rich with meaning, truth, and beauty. Now is the time to build in our families a songbook of hymns that last a lifetime, through every high and low for decades to come. Let’s use the songs we sing to build memories—ones that remind our kids even years from now that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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