There Are Only Two Religions

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There are only two religions, said the Apostle Paul – we worship and serve the creature or the Creator. There are no other options. At truthXchange, we call the worship of the creature “One-ism” and the worship of the Creator “Two-ism.”

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In One-ism, all is one. We worship and serve creation as divine. All distinctions must be eliminated. Though enlightenment, we discover that we also are divine.

In Two-ism, all is two. We worship and serve the eternal, personal Creator of all things. God alone is divine and is distinct from His creation, yet through His son, Jesus, He is in loving communion with it.

These terms evolved through the research and writing of Dr. Peter Jones, who came back to the States in 1991, after teaching at a French seminary for seventeen years under Mission to the World (PCA). When Dr. Jones arrived in California to take up a New Testament teaching position at Westminster Seminary, he was shocked to find that although the US culture was still very spiritual, it had basically changed religions—from a generally Two-ist position, to a generally One-ist position. To understand the change, Dr. Jones began to analyze books written by self-professed pagans and to attend conferences where academic pagan leaders and thinkers laid out their beliefs and plans for society. Eleven years and several books later, he decided to devote himself full-time to informing and alerting the church concerning the false teachers of our age, and equipping Christians to share the gospel in a post-secular culture.

truthXchange was incorporated in 2003 and has a number of resources available for Christians, their churches and their leaders:

  • An evangelistic tool, There Are Only 2 Religions, that lays out the definitions of those two religions, making the choice clear and allowing a Christian to tell a friend or neighbor why Two-ism is better! We also have “I’m a Two-ist” buttons, should anyone like the idea of wearing one to start a conversation.
  • We will soon have a training manual that walks Christians through the evangelism tool. This can be used in Christian school classrooms, Sunday School classes and small groups. We should have the manual available by late spring.
  • InsideOut, a monthly article by Dr. Jones, commenting on the culture­—see, for example, “spiritual, but not religious.” To receive this newsletter, sign up here.
  • Books
  • Occaisonal public conferences. Our 2010 conference was called the Exchange Conference and featured Dr. Peter Jones, Mark Driscoll, Kevin DeYoung and Francis Chan. Video can also be seen on the Resurgence site.
  • An annual Think Tank for pastors, teachers, artists, lawyers, scientists, businessmen and Christian leaders of all kinds. Attendance has so far been limited to 200.
  • Church Seminars. Dr. Jones is available for weekend seminars and some intensive courses. For more information, email [email protected]

truthXchange is a unique ministry that senses a call to come to the aid of Christians who have been intimidated into silence because One-ists are framing the issues. Find out more by purchasing Dr. Jones’ latest book, One or Two. Then help us find those who need what we have to offer by forwarding the truthXchange monthly emails, putting our links on your Facebook page, sending out Tweets, or encouraging your pastor to invite truthXchange to your church.