New Infographic: The Order and Causes of Salvation and Damnation

I have pointed out before that the the whole notion of visual theology—of presenting truth visually—is far from new. To the contrary, people have been doing this all through the ages. A couple of weeks ago we shared an infographic based on one created centuries ago by John Bunyan. Today we’ve got a complementary graphic based on the work of William Perkins. It is likewise called “The Order and Causes of Salvation and Damnation” (since that is what both men titled their graphics).

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This graphic was initially published in Perkins’ work that (I believe) went by the title Golden Chain, or the Causes of Salvation and Damnation. In the graphic he meant to display how God is sovereign in both salvation and damnation. As with Bunyan, he traces two very different paths leading to two very different destinations. Sinclair Ferguson has pointed out one significant difference: “in Perkins’s chart, every aspect of the application of salvation is tied in to a central spine representing Christ in terms of the various clauses of the Apostles’ Creed.” This is a graphic to study closely and ponder at length. This is a graphic you will want to compare to Bunyan’s. Both are tremendous teaching tools.

You are free to download this graphic, send it to others, or print it on your own in smaller formats. If you’d like to print it poster-sized, see below.

Click on the graphic to see it bigger.

Order Salvation and Damnation

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