A La Carte (October 6)

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The Pointlessness of Vegas is Its Point

“Forget your conspiracy theories, which are coming thick and fast. Forget your sociological investigations, and the handwringing over US gun control. The sheer meaningless of the action is its meaning.”

Church, Stop Telling Her to “Wait” on Her Boaz

“If you read the book of Ruth, you see that she wasn’t ‘waiting’ for her Boaz at all.  We see her loyalty to her mother in law, Naomi, clinging to her, while forsaking her ethnic identity and her decision to follow and worship the God of Israel.

Pastor, Keep a Close Watch On Your Life and Illustrations

Jared Wilson: “We all know a good illustration when we hear one in a sermon. But I’m gonna go out on a (sturdy) limb here and suggest that sermon illustrations these days are way overrated.”

The Problem With “Pan-Millennialism”

“But the person who tells the ‘panmillennial’ joke, and really means it, isn’t interested in details about the endtimes. He realizes that eschatology (the study of last things) is loaded with difficulties, and says, ‘I’m not going to think much about end times doctrine anymore. Jesus is going to make everything right when He comes again, and that’s good enough for me.'”

God’s Word Never Returns Void

“The preaching of God’s word on Sundays does its work in the lives of his people. It might seem small and pointless. It might seem slow and like growth isn’t happening (Hab. 2:3) It might seem monotonous and routine (for the one preparing the sermon). It might even seem like foolishness to the outsider looking in (1 Cor. 1:18). But it works.”

How Do You Translate Metaphors and Images? (Video)

I thoroughly enjoyed this video by Bill Mounce. He points out good ways and bad ways to translate metaphors.

Weapons in the Fight Against Anxiety and Fear

“The desire to know why things are happening in our life and even more so to control things in our life is one of the greatest killers of contentment. It also proves to be one of the greatest engines of anxiety.”

Flashback: No One Else Is Coming

They worked, waited, prayed, and hoped. They waited for a church planter to develop a heart for their neighborhood, to come with a calling, a mandate, a core team. But after a while they had to face it: “We realized, no one else is coming.”

He who dares to face his Maker will not tremble before the sons of men. —C.H. Spurgeon