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New and Notable Books for October

New and Notable Books for October

I get books. I get lots and lots of books. As you well know, once a month or so I like to try and thin the pile a little bit and distill it down to the ones I think may be of most interest to people like you. I hope you find at least some of them worth checking out!


I get books. I get lots and lots of books. As you well know, once a month or so I like to try and thin the pile a little bit and distill it down to the ones I think may be of most interest to people like you. So I’ve done that today. In just a moment I’ll tell you about some of the new and notable books.

Today, we’re talking about new and notable books and I will start with Real by Catherine Parks. This is The Surprising Secret to Deeper Relationships. I’ll read the back, you can see if it’s a fit for something that’s of interest to you. All of us long for authentic friendships, but many of us struggle to find them. That’s a very common problem. In a world of carefully curated social media and picture-perfect self-projection, might it be that we’re distances ourselves from the very closeness we crave? So it’s a book about friendship and a book, really meant to fit with the modern world, maybe of interest to you.

Next up from Tim Chester, we’ve got Reforming Joy. Now, subtitle: A Conversation between Paul, the Reformers and the Church Today. That at least has to grab your interest. The big question on the back, Have you lost your joy? The premise of the book, the premise of Galatians, which I think it looks at is, we are meant to be joyful. As Christians, we’re meant to have the joy of the Lord. If we are lacking joy, that probably means somehow we’ve gone wrong in what we believe about God, how we’re practicing the Christian faith. So here’s a book about discovering or rediscovering joy in the Lord.

Next up, Galatians by Mark Johnston. This is part of the Welwyn Commentary Series which I quite enjoy. These are commentaries suitable for pastors who are studying or for people leading Bible studies or just people interested in knowing more about scripture. It’s on Galatians of course. It’s not verse by verse. So, it doesn’t have you know, chapter one, verse one, chapter one, verse two. Rather, it’s section by section. And it’s written to flow, it’s written as really a series of chapters. So, you can read it, just for general reading. I think you’ll find it enjoyable, find it helpful, find it biblical. It comes highly recommended.

From Robert Wolgemuth, we’ve got Lies Men Believe. Now you know back in 2001, Nancy Leigh DeMoss wrote a book called Lies Women Believe. It sold very, very many copies, I think in the hundreds of thousands at least. And then translated all over the world, a very popular book. In God’s good providence, Nancy eventually ended up marrying, she married Robert Wolgemuth and he’s now written the companion volume for men. So I’ve read this book, I rather enjoyed it, I think you may as well, a good choice for men to read.

From Paul Tripp, we’ve got, Suffering. If you know anything about Paul Tripp’s story, over the last few years, you know he’s suffered quite a lot. So this book is, Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. I guess for most of us at various times, life just doesn’t make sense. We’re hurting, we’re wounded, we’re dealing with personal issues, whatever it is, and we’re suffering deeply. This book is meant to bring you hope. It’s based on his own experience, based on his pastoral experience and then based of course on scripture.

Finally, from Ray Rhodes, we’ve got one called Susie. This is The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon, Wife of Charles Spurgeon. So, it’s a biography of Charles Spurgeon’s wife, but what I like about this is it’s not just about Charles Spurgeon’s wife, it’s about Susannah Spurgeon, as her own person. And so she’s not defined only in her relationship to Charles, well, of course, that’s an important part of her story, but she herself had an amazing life, an amazing legacy. There was a lot she accomplished, a lot of ministry she ran. And so this book takes a deep look at her and really distinguishes her in some ways from Charles. I really enjoyed it, really found it helpful, and hope to bring a full review of it.

So there’s some new and notable books. Let me just draw your attention to a couple of things. One of the joys of being an author is seeing your books get translated, and my book Do More Better has been translated a few times lately and if this is of interest to you, you can now find it in Italian, you can find it in French, you can find it in Spanish and it’s just come out as well in Portuguese. So if that’s of interest to you, you can look online, especially in Amazon and find them there. And I’ll see you in about a month with another selection of new and notable books.

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