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A La Carte (10/18)

It is always good to be away at a conference. But, of course, it’s always just a little bit better to be home. And I’m home again now and for the next few weeks (except for a brief day-long trip to Grand Rapids this weekend).

Getty Blog - I’m not sure how I missed that Keith Getty has a blog (he mentioned it this weekend when I was chatting with him). He’s got a few good articles there—one on collaboration and another on the excellent hymn “By Faith” both caught my attention.

Why Are Pastors Fat? - Erik touches on a touchy subject. “I have been in full time ministry for 5+ years now. Prior to this I have been heavily involved in local church ministry since my conversion over 10 years ago. One thing that has always intrigued me is overweight pastors. If you want to get a gage on how prevalent this is, you just have to visit a pastors’ conference. I am not saying that everyone is rockin’ the elastic waist pants, but, there are a lot of guys that, well, are fat.”

The New Calvins - Have you read this bizarre article from The Economist? What a mess.

The Case for Alcohol Abstinence - Daniel Akin has posted an article defending his view that we should abstain from alcohol. I don’t know that I’ve ever said much about my views on alcohol on this blog (in short, alcohol makes me sick so I don’t drink it, but I’m not at all opposed to others drinking it with moderation), but I post this as a kind of FYI, even though I disagree with it. I think it’s helpful to see the argument laid out like this.

An Egalitarian Gets Biblical - Here’s a forthcoming book that may just be interesting. Maybe.

Hakeleje - A song for a Monday morning.

The first sexual thought in the universe was God’s, not man’s. —Doug Barnett

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