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A La Carte (10/28)

That was rather an unexpected start to the World Series, wasn’t it? When Cliff Lee faces Tim Lincecum you’re hardly expecting a slugfest. And yet that’s exactly what it turned into. I don’t much care who wins this series, but I’m hoping it can at least remain close enough to be interesting.

Is Music Warping My Child? - Russell Moore pens a good article on music, and whether listening to it will harm our kids.

Martin Luther: In His Own Words - “Most all Christians know the name Martin Luther. Less familiar, however, are his words. This compilation of many of Luther’s most important writings serves as an excellent introduction to those new to Luther. It also provides a fresh medium for people familiar with his writing.” It’s free right now at ChristianAudio.

Luther’s Stand - And while we’re talking about the great reformer, Chris Castaldo has written an account of Luther before the Diet of Worms where he made his most important stand. “Have you ever wondered what Luther’s stand looked like on the ground? Here is a glimpse, starting with the moment when Luther’s covered wagon rolled into town.”

$1 Trillion - Since a trillion is the new billion, it’s worth trying to get some perspective on such a massive number. This inforgraphic helps a little bit.

Lasting Victory - This is just a short article on overcoming pornography, but Brian Croft hits on a very important subject: the role of the local church. “A common flaw in trying to break the cycles of pornography is thinking your one or two random accountability partners are enough.  Daily walking in victory over this struggle requires a community effort and an accountability that stretches far beyond your Christian co-worker asking you questions once a week regarding which internet sites you visited.  The victory comes as spiritual guidance, care, rebuke, and marriage counseling are given by your leaders.”

Yet Remix - Fans of Switchfoot and/or Mutemath will be interested in this free download. It’s a remix of Switchfoot’s “Yet” done by Mutemath’s Darren King.

The Most Popular Name - In a sign of the times, the most popular name in Britain is now…Mohammed.

Snickaloaf - You know you’d love to eat a Snickaloaf:

Not only the worst of my sins, but the best of my duties speak of me as a child of Adam. —William Beveridge

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