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A La Carte (11/14)

Do You Love Controversy, or People? - “I don’t claim that all my views are infallible (if I knew which ones were wrong I would change my mind!), and please don’t think I speak as one who thinks he has always fulfilled the love command. But in spite of my own failures to live up to the ideal, I can affirm that the desire to engage in controversy should flow from love for God and neighbor.”

Three Questions for Your Sermon - “The more I’ve thought about these questions, the more I am convinced that pastors ought to ask these questions of every sermon they preach. Teachers ought to ask these questions of every lesson they prepare. The questions are a helpful guide to keeping Christ as the focus of our ministry.”

Why Christian Worship Should Be - The article may stretch it a little bit, but there’s wisdom in this: “9 Things that Christian Worship Should Be.”

The Nobel Winners Who Foiled Hitler - “As the Nazis swallowed Europe, two scientists fought back with the only weapon they had: chemistry.” What an interesting story…

Why Is Porn Addictive? - Here is a scientific perspective on why pornography is addictive.

A Pharisee is hard on others and easy on himself, but a spiritual man is easy on others and hard on himself.A.W. Tozer

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