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A La Carte (12/19)

God Restrains Evil - Randy Alcorn is working toward an answer to this question: Why doesn’t God do more to restrain evil and suffering. Have you ever considered that God may already been restraining 99.99% of evil and suffering?

What Should the Church Expect in 2013? - This is not the kind of article I tend to enjoy, yet I benefited from reading and thinking about Sam Rainer’s thoughts on what the church should expect in the year to come. There’s good insight here, I think.

Let My Tebow Go - This article is a fascinating hybrid of sports and some brand of spirituality.

MacArthur’s Top Twelve - Have you ever wondered which of John MacArthur’s books have sold the most copies? Jesse Johnson did the research and shares the results.

Two different people emailed me yesterday to say they’ve released iPad apps based on The Pilgrim’s Progress. Here they are if you’re interested: #1 and #2.

Weaving a Web - Check out this timelapse video of a spider building its web. It’s worth the minute it takes to watch it.

A Time of Reflection - I was really encouraged to see pastor Joey Newton talking about Jesus on NBC’s coverage of the Newtown tragedy. (Fast-forward to around 6:38 to go right to his part)

A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent. —John Calvin

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