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A La Carte (4/3)


How to Reach the Middle Class - Mez McConnell hits a little bit below the belt in this one! “Congratulations. You have been saved from a housing scheme background and you have taken the step to enter into cross cultural ministry. Ministering to the middle class is fraught with many pitfalls and dangers and is something not to be entered into lightly. Please take time to read the following.”

The Sound of Your Own Voice - Have you ever heard a recording of your own voice and asked, “Is that what I really sound like?” Here’s the answer: “Yes, it is, unfortunately—and it’s what everyone else hears, too. So why does my recorded voice sound so unfamiliar to me?”

Our National Pastime - Baseball isn’t officially the national pastime on this side of the border, but if it were put to the vote, it would get mine. Kevin DeYoung’s reflections on the game are thoughtful and well-written (for a Sox fan).

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery - Ed Welch reflects on the fleeting joy and long-lasting pain of adultery.

The Bible According to The History Channel - I have not seen History Channel’s The Bible miniseries, but enjoyed reading David Nilsen’s take on it. “History’s The Bible is pretty good entertainment. If it isn’t worthy of high praise, it also isn’t worthy of bitter lament, nor is it a portent of cultural decline. We’ve been at this cinematic spot many times before, and this series is simply a slightly updated version of already worn material.”

There is no detour to holiness. Jesus came to the resurrection through the cross, not around it. —Leighton Ford

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