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A La Carte (8/28)

Lessons from the VMAs - Every year Walt Mueller watches MTV’s Video Music Awards as a window into the culture around us. This year’s awards generated a lot of buzz and his report is quite interesting. (In a similar vein, here is what Jesus might say to Miley Cyrus.)

The Mommy War - “Here is my humble opinion—I think that thought is the deceptive heartbeat behind all the mommy wars.  I think deep down many of us are just a little bit afraid that someone else is doing a better job at this whole thing than we are.”

Nanotechnology Pioneers - “The colorful secret of a 1,600-year-old Roman chalice at the British Museum is the key to a super­sensitive new technology that might help diagnose human disease or pinpoint biohazards at security checkpoints.”

When the Youth Pastor Gets Arrested - Scott Slayton: “The city of Birmingham, Alabama, has been buzzing in recent weeks over the second arrest of the city’s most well-known youth evangelist.”

On Sermon Outlines - Here is some preaching help from H.B. Charles: “A sermon is more than an outline. But it is not less. The outline gives structure to the message. That structure supports the substance of the message. Similarly, your body is infinitely more than a skeleton. Yet it is built on and around the connecting bones of the skeleton.”

Fixing Color Blindness - This is amazing—a pair of sunglasses that fix red/green colorblindness. I always assumed I would have to wait until heaven to see those colors; maybe (when the price comes down) I’ll see them before that! 

Wolfe Air Reel - This is amazing video footage.

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