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Welcome to Canada, Westminster Bookstore!

At long last, WTSBooks is beta testing shipping to Canada! They wanted to launch the service sooner rather than later, and I’ve been told that by early 2012 improvements like a shipping calculator and one-screen checkout will be in place.

To give a picture of how WTSBooks stacks up to the competition, I went back and took a look at the US pricing survey I did back in May (click here to see that survey). I used the same books, updated the pricing, and expanded the comparison to include Amazon.ca and Chapters.indigo.ca. You can see the full details of my comparison here.

Here are some quick observations:

  • If you live in almost any Canadian province and are shipping five or more books (orders over $50) WTSBooks is your least expensive option.
  • If you live in NT, NU, or YT and are shipping five or more books (orders over $50), Amazon.ca, Chapters.indigo.ca, or CBD are your least expensive options.
  • If you’re shipping one or two books (orders under $25), CBD is your least expensive option.

As an example,

  • If I bought the 10 comparison titles from WTSBooks and had them shipped to me in Ontario, I would save $17.34 over the next closest competitor.
  • If I bought 50 copies of The Next Story from WTSBooks and had them shipped to me in Ontario, I would save $104.55 over the next closest competitor.

As an invitation to try them out, WTSBooks is offering an opportunity for Canadian customers to save up to 20% on their first order. To participate, please leave a comment on this post.

For the next 48 hours, every 50 comments will result in an additional 5% off your total purchase (maximum 200 comments, or 20% off). For instance, for 50-99 comments, WTSBooks will issue a coupon code for 5% off your next order to Canada. For 100-149 comments, we will get a coupon for 10% off. If we reach 200 or more comments we will earn the maximum 20% off.

The coupon code (good for one order per customer) will be issued on Friday, October 28th and will expire on Tuesday, November 1st.

With only 48 hours to accumulate comments, be sure to spread the word to your friends, relatives, and churches! (one comment per person, Canadians only please)

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