A La Carte (03/14)

Tuesday March 14, 2006

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Commentary: The American Spectator reports on women’s attitude towards spring break and asks, “Is this what the feminists had in mind when they touted the virtues of “liberation”? Because if so, they’re hardly the man-haters of popular imagination.” Read it here.

Theology: Bob DeWaay has released the most recent issue of Critical Issues Commentary. In this month’s issue he discusses “Free Will or the Bondage of the Will: Definitions are Critical.” He discusses a very important issue, and one that divides Calvinists from Arminians. This is well worth reading and pondering.

Blogging: Adrian Warnock has made his 2000th post. It’s a funny thing, those post counters. Some people reach 2000 in a few months while others take three years. But either way, I suppose it’s a milestone.

Audio: Way of the Master Radio had an interview of sorts with Mark Dever last week. Listen to him discuss the gospel and conversion and actually interview the host. It’s great stuff! (You may have to make your way to the broadcast from March 10).