A La Carte (05/10)

Wednesday May 10, 2006

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Family: Maryanne discusses what a stay-at-home mom would earn if she was paid a salary. But “I want to cautiously avoid the increasingly feminist tones of our age which assert that women work harder than men, sacrifice more and should be overall esteemed in a way that men are not.”

Da Vinci: Carolyn points to the message delivered last Sunday by Al Mohler at Covenant Life Church. “I believe it is well-worth your time to download this message from Covenant Life and listen to this illuminating tour of early church history. As Dr. Mohler said, we need to refute these claims with gentleness and humility, as well as courage and clarity.”

Humor: “Life in a Shoe” has posted a comic that any of us who do not home school our children can identify with.

Design: I finished a new site yesterday and it is one of my new favorite designs (I created it, so I’m free to play favorites, don’t you know). You can see it at martinflowers.com.