A La Carte (08/23)

Tuesday August 23, 2006

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Literature: Dr. Mohler discusses “The Tragic End of Children’s Literature” and the “Norton Anthology of Children’s Literature.” “The anthology reflects the new postmodern ethos in which ‘the distinction between heroes and villains is often blurred.’ No kidding. As a matter of fact, there are very few heroic figures left.”

Music: Alex Chediak has an article on the moral neutrality of musical genres. “God or the devil can be glorified by classical music, depending on whether it is produced and enjoyed by hearts that prize God or hearts that prize human achievement or self-reliance.”

Canadiana: “The Calgary Sun” has a spooky article about a Christian who was arrested for praying in public. “Maybe if Artur Pawlowski had been holding a flag of the outlawed terrorist organization Hezbollah, Calgary Police would have left him alone.”

Culture: Joe Carter has an interesting article entitled “Pop Semiotics:Whore and Pimp Chic.”