A La Carte (10/30)

Monday October 30, 2006

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Reformation Day: If you are a blogger, don’t forget about the Reformation Day Symposium. Entries are due by tomorrow. Get details here.

Music: The wonderfully eclectic Sufjan Stevens has a series of Christmas albums coming out and they are available for pre-order beginning tomorrow from this site. “Having an inherent aversion to the standard Christmas carol, Sufjan indulged in the project initially as an exercise to make himself ‘appreciate’ Christmas more. It was a tough childhood, but you can’t be a Christmas Curmudgeon forever, can you? What he discovered, for better or for worse, was a fascinating canon of Yuletide hits, some emotionally rewarding, some painfully cliche.”

Book: Tyndale House is collecting stories for a new book. They are asking for people to submit stories of how their life verse changed their life. My life verse is that one that commands us to have a life verse. Where is that one again?

Blogs: A new service from Google allows you to create alerts for particular subjects being discussed in the blogosphere. Check it out here.