A La Carte (10/6)

Cash for Clunkers Fails to Help
Common sense dictated this would happen but it’s still worth reading why it failed. After all, there’s an important economic lesson in it. “In the category of all-time dumb ideas, cash for clunkers rivals the New Deal brainstorm to slaughter pigs to raise pork prices. The people who really belong in the junk yard are the wizards in Washington who peddled this economic malarkey.”

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Letterman and the Gospel
Russell Moore: “If you pay a little attention right now to David Letterman, you could learn something critical about carrying the gospel to your neighbors, and to yourself.”

How To Be a Book Critic
“You spend all that time, years maybe, writing a book, and what does someone do? Gives it to a book reviewer. Or worse, a critic. Writers, take heart. Samuel Johnson understands, and speaks for you. Celebrating Johnson’s tercentenary, Harvard University Press has just published a fine edition of his “Selected Writings,” edited by Peter Martin. In an essay for the “Idler,” Dr. Johnson expounded on what it takes to be a book critic…”

Young Married Life
Young Married Life is a new blog courtesy of Focus on the Family and the people of Boundless Magazine.

Double-Tongued Deacons
Mounce looks at 2 Timothy 3:8 and turns it into a very interesting discussion of different Bible translation philosophies. Academics take note: Mounce does a superb job, week after week, of showing the average schmoe like myself why we need academics. If you want to start a blog as an academic, consider modeling after what Mounce does.